Abakadang Rizaleo


I first heard about this modern version of Baybayin in 2008 from my friend Ray Haguisan who showed me a photocopy of one of the pages he got from someone at a Filipino Festival. The book Aklat sanayan ng abakadang Rizaleo (1994) by Marius V Diaz. Since then, I’ve been been looking for a copy of the whole book. While filming my documentary, Sulat ng Malansang Isda (Writing of the Stinky Fish) in Manila in 2012, I learned that there should be a copy at the National Library. In order to visit the Filipiana room, I needed a library card. One of the requirements to register for a card is a 1×1 photo. I walked out the building and searched for the 1st photo booth that I found at the “Seafarers Center”, the epicenter for the Philippine maritime industry. I got in line with applying seamen to get a photo taken. The line was going fast and guys were just putting on the white uniform and grabbing their necessary epaulet. When it was my turn I didn’t feel like explaining my situation so I put on the uniform and picked my shoulder strap. I didn’t want to pick something the previous guys got in case they question me so I randomly picked one. Turned out to be for an engineer. There’s much more to the story but I’ll save it for another time. Basically, it was an ordeal to find it.


The book itself is 50 pages and starts off with a short introduction then workbook style pages on how to write the strokes.


Also in the book are different styles of the script


It ends with a story about Jose Rizal


While the script is based on Baybayin, it was heavily modified with extra characters like TH-X-Z. The way its written is like an alphabet rather than an alpha-syllabary as seen in the example below.


In Mount Bahahaw, there are some signs written in the script by Rizalistas. Check out Philippine based photographer, Sydney Snoeck’s website for more photographs.

Baybayin Duha snapback hat

baybayin duha snapback
“Baybayin Duha”, Usa means 2 in Bisaya and Baybayin (incorrectly known Alibata) is the writing system used in the Philippines prior to Spanish colonization. Placing the ancient script is a perfect combination of the old and new representing cultural identity through style. The crocodile skin isn’t just for fashion but has a direct connection to indigenous Philippine belief systems and it’s not about the 21ft Buwaya that was found in the southern islands. Crocodile patterns have been used in textiles, swords and tattoos.

Buy now at BaybayinShop.com


Grey polyester crown with a visor wrapped in faux grey crocodile skin


Embroidered 17 base Baybayin characters

Snapback one size fits all (fits head size of 64cm)

Designed by Baybayin artist, Kristian Kabuay

Limited to only 100 pcs worldwide

EVENT: An Afternoon with Filipino Authors – San Francisco

baybayin book

HARAYA ng PILIPINO! Culture & Indi-Genius Vision! Come celebrate the release of 3 amazing books! Back from the Crocodile’s Belly, Sulat ng Kaluluwa, & The Forgotten Children of Maui. Meet 5 authors, Elenita Leny Strobel, Jane Alfonso, Michael Gonzalez, Kristian Kabuay, and Lane Wilcken! There will be book talks, demonstrations, music, and performances!

Bayanihan Center
San Francisco, California, USA
FB invite

EVENT: Japan – Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Baybayin Japan

I’ll be in Japan from 2/27 to 3/1 to do a lecture and show Baybayin art at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for the International Workshop on Endangered Scripts of Island Southeast Asia.

This workshop will discuss the writing systems and traditions of island Southeast Asia, focusing on (but not limited to) the endangered Indic scripts of the Philippines, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Papers are invited covering topics such as historical and structural relationships, literature, documentation, revival, modern functions, adaptations and social/cultural meaning. In addition to the academic component of the workshop, the organizers encourage participation by culture-bearers, activists and artists.

I’m looking forward to meeting other advocates of Baybayin, Kulitan and Surat Mangyan at the event.

- Kanakan Balintagos (Solito Arts Productions)
- Norman de los Santos (BHM Publishing House, Inc.)
- Emerennciana Lorenzo Catapang (Mangyan Heritage Center)
- Christopher Miller (Independent Researcher, Montreal, Canada)
- Michael Raymon M. Pangilinan (ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
- Anya Postma (Mangyan Heritage Center)
- Bruno Tiotuico (Alexandre Dayrit Tiotuico) (Ágúman Súlat Kapampángan)

I’m currently working on my paper around the topic of using Baybayin in the diaspora as a cultural identifier through art.

Please visit the Linguistics Dynamics Science Project for more information

EVENT: Rebuilding Bayanihan: A Special Post Typhoon Event – Los Angeles


LA & SF area artists, will be converging in a special event to support post typhoon rebuilding in the Philippines.

This day long event will be a call to the community – to come together in an intentional spirit and to hold sacred space as a way to heal our bodies, our relationships, our souls, our planet.

Our line-up is down below.

This is a family-friendly event and open to all! Vita Coco (http://vitacoco.com/) will be providing our elixir and White Rabbit (http://whiterabbittruck.com/) will be setting up their food truck in the lot – so come, explore, discover, sing, dance, play, and get some yummy pagkain and coconut water! Admission is free!

For more information, please contact Christine Jugueta at cjugueta@gmail.com.

Donations for relief efforts in the Philippines will be collected at the event – You can also donate online at the following sites:

Green ReLeaf Initiative: http://greenreleaf.org/
Banago Typhoon Relief: http://banago.mybigcommerce.com/
Permaculture Aid Yolanda: http://pcaidyolanda.org/


11am: Doors open at SIPA
12-12.30: Opening procession, prayers, welcome
12.30-1.20: Act I
1.20-1.45: Break
1.45-2: Ritual
2-3: Act II
3-5: Open jam
5-6: Kulintronica

11-3: Outdoor activities – storytelling, face-painting, Baybayin workshop, live art

Act I artists:
Cristina Golondrina Rose
Joel F Jacinto
Kristian Kabuay - http://www.kabuay.com/

Act II artists:
Alysa Lobo
Rachel Kann - http://rachelkann.com/
Alma Cielo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bdu_m3g9J5Q,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9XZ0nJBODQ
Christine Jugueta

Post Program/Booth/Outdoor Artists:
KAPWA JAM (live music)
Ron Quesada - http://kulintronica.wordpress.com/
Nicanor Evans - http://naseek.blogspot.com/
Aicnelav Diyan- http://bukobomba.blogspot.com/
Marybelle Mb, Belle by MB - http://marybellemb.wordpress.com/
Jay Landayan Malvari
Agapito Doronio - http://artbattles.com/artists/agapito-doronio
Jayson Lorenzo - http://funmakerbooth.com/